ISSN 2042-9126 [Online]


MAZWI is an online portal focusing mainly on Zimbabwean arts, culture, and literature. The idea of Mazwi is to become the most important outlet for a new creative, intellectual and cultural movement for Zimbabweans in the country and elsewhere.

The journal will be a publication featuring mainly reflective and critical essays on literary, social, and cultural issues relating to Zimbabwe as well as book reviews and interviews.

While it will be the primary objective of this journal to encourage and discuss contemporary Zimbabwean issues, there will also be considerable reference to its recent history for it is the heritage of the past that the community of the future must be built upon.

Quotable Quotes: what do friends of MAZWI say?

“Though styled as a periodical, wisely going at own pace for now, no unmanageable schedules, bogus publication frequencies or impossible targets indicated. Manages even without images, which may come later, to be kind and attractive to the eyes with its use of space and neat angled page plan. Useful service to Zimbabwean writing.”
Afam Akeh, poet & teacher

“For a long time Zimbabwean artists have existed as a fragmented, diverse lot, a microcosm of the Diaspora life that we have all been subjected to since the 1990s.Mazwi offers an important forum for Zimbabweans to express themselves without fear of being ripped off.” Kenneth Nyoka, poet

“It is a rich little journal.”
Emmanuel Sigauke, Zimbabwean poet

“From Tinashe Mushakavanhu the editor of the critically acclaimed anthology State of the Nation comes Mazwi, a highly professional and greatly needed new online literary journal focusing exclusively on Zimbabwe.”
Ivor W. Hartmann, StoryTime publisher