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About Mazwi

I started Mazwi in 2006 when I was a postgraduate student at Trinity University College in Wales. The project was runner up in the Student Business Idea 2007 competition run by the Welsh Assembly Government. The idea of Mazwi had been a seed growing in me for many years.

My first shot at magazine publishing was a couple of years ago when I was a 19-year old lad and teamed up with the legendary Zimbabwean poet Julius Chingono and an enterprising young editor Aleck Kaposa and other committed individuals to produce The New Voices Magazine, which was funded with personal contributions. It was a rewarding experience working with young writers in Zimbabwe. The magazine only survived two years. Hyper-inflation swallowed the dream.

Ever since writing has taken me to a few countries in Africa and Europe. This literary enterprise aims to work with and promote new writing by Zimbabwe’s talented writers, poets and critics. There is nothing as wonderful as working with writers in perfecting their art or in appreciating their art.

Indeed, for me, there are few pleasures than working with writers: to be among the first to read something which an author has pored over a long time, to share ideas, feelings, through the medium of words weighed and filtered through your fingers like grains of warm sand, is a rare, often exciting, privilege. I believe serious publishing is about broadcasting ideas and making them visible, tangible.

My passion for Zimbabwe is another motivation to set up this project. Mazwi will in essence celebrate the country’s diversity and quality of perpetual beauty expressed in the only way we know – mazwi (words) – and as truthfully as we can.

The journal also aims to be a forum for Zimbabwean writing and literary scholarship as well as to be the most comprehensive directory on Zimbabwean literature. Mazwi aims to empower people with new ideas, new language, new ways of seeing Zimbabwe and sharing experiences.

Tinashe Mushakavanhu